About Hemophilia Welfare Foundation (Kenya)

Hemophilia welfare foundation is a self-help ,not for profit organization  which was founded in 2009  with the aim of providing emotional, practical and healing support to anyone affected by .  

We offer hemophilia  patients and their carers information, advice, counselling and complementary financial needs  in order to make their hemophilia  journey a little more manageable. 

We work alongside several institutions and hospitals that offer conventional hemophilia  treatments  .  We aim to take our patients beyond medical treatment through offering them a holistic approach to coping with the challenges of hemophilia.

At hemophilia welfare foundation, we are committed to ensuring all our services are appropriate and accessible to patients regardless of their culture, ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, socio-economic background or physical ability.  We understand that the emotional and physical impact of hemophilia is difficult not only for patients, but also for their loved ones, who need to be emotionally and physically well in order to help patients heal.  We therefore also welcome carers of hemophilia patients to make use of our services. 

  • As well as providing complementary financial  comittimet for our clients, we hope to do the following:
  • Raise awareness of hemophilia in Kenya
  • Establish ourselves as a knowledge hub for information on hemophilia  in Kenya
  • Improve access to hemophilia-related products such as factor ,wheelchairs , walking clutches
  • Assist in mobilising financial support for patients who cannot afford medical treatment

 Hemophilia Welfare Foundation (Kenya)) Mission Statement

The mission of the Hemophilia Welfare Foundation (Kenya) is to improve today’s quality of life and tomorrow’s opportunities for those affected by a bleeding disorder through education, advocacy, and awareness.

 Hemophilia Welfare Foundation (Kenya) Vision Statement

The vision of the Hemophilia Welfare Foundation (Kenya) is to be the most trusted and most visible source of information for affected families, health care workers, educators, policymakers, and the community at large regarding issues uniquely important to Kenyan affected by a bleeding disorder. To be the leading provider of programs and services designed to develop skills for leadership and independent living among young Kenya affected by a bleeding disorder in order to prepare them to assume leadership positions in the bleeding disorder community and in society. To have a robust organizational infrastructure operated by skilled professionals and impassioned volunteers and supported by a broad base of funding. To be the standard for member services and innovation among local and national community service organizations.